Who We Are

Introduce Madat IT

We are India's leading online remote services and tech support company.

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Who We Are

Introduce Madat IT

We are India's leading online remote services and tech support company.


Madat IT Service is one of the most trusted Information Technology providers company. Madat IT Service PVT LTD is guided by it's mission to help domestic and corporate users.

All of this is provided at a lowest price, with no hidden costs or extra fees. For one flat rate, you get support Anytime-Anywhere... no strings attached. So if you are looking to have an expert computer technician in your corner, available 24/7 to ensure that your PC is safe, secure, and performing at its best, then look no further than Madat IT.

So the Madat IT team was built with a crystal clear mission: To provide expert, friendly support 24/7 to customers for all of their common PC problems, and proactively help customers prevent future problems.

Leveraging the Live PC Support platform, Madat IT can assist you remotely right through your PC while you watch, and securely monitor your PC's health and maintenance - all while maintaining your utmost privacy. (Madat IT can not and will not ever access any personal files on your computer.)

The Madat IT team was formed because we believe that people deserve to have a safe, secure, and stress-free computing experience, and should not have to pay a fortune for it. When we studied the various live-support options available out there, we realized that they were all far too expensive, and did not deliver the proactive support that customers deserve. None of the services out there helped people prevent computer problems before they happened - whether it be viruses, spyware, data loss, or ID theft.

Security is our priority

During your safe and secure guaranteed online computer repair session you will be able to observe all computer repairs that our technician performs live by watching your computers screen. Your mouse icon will move around on your computer screen as our technician fixes the issue and optimizes your system for peak performance.
Beware of companies that black out your screen while they "work". You will see everything we do.

This is a great opportunity as you can watch and learn, something you can't do when you drop your computer off at a repair shop. Feel free to use the built in chat window, present during the entire process, to ask question of your technician. Our online remote service is bank strength encrypted so no breach of security is possible. This entire process keeps you in complete control at all times.

Advantages of Madat IT Online Remote Service.

Madat IT Online remote service is the best way to get your computer the help it needs right away! No wasting gas taking your computer in to a repair facility and no time waiting for a technician to return your call or come to your home or office. We are available for you on your schedule whether it is morning, afternoon or middle of the night!

Madat IT is also the best solution when it comes to protecting your private information. When your computer is left in a store you have no idea what is being looked at but with Madat IT we only see what you see while we repair your computer right before your eyes! Beware of those companies that can black out your screen while 'repairing' your computer.

This type of technology is fast becoming the preferred method of repair for home and business computer users for convenience and security.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Clean your PC of viruses and spyware *.
Setup email accounts, printers, and other peripherals for you.
Install and uninstall software, and perform local data backup.
When you need help, just click your Madat IT website and Get Support Your technician will start a chat session, and ask how he/she can help Your technician will connect to your PC and fix the problem... all while you watch on-screen!
Times will vary depending on the size of the queue. Generally priority tickets will be served within two hours.

Most issues are resolved within an hour. In the rare circumstance to we require more time, you will be notified before the repair and it will be your choice to proceed.
In the extremely rare case we cannot resolve your issue, we will refund the cost of your ticket. Please note that the cost of priority and the initial cost of after hours inspection will still be payable and will not be refunded.
Our highly experienced, well-qualified technicians and staff are your first line of defense to your computer or IT related problems! As professional IT consultants we make it our business to understand your specific needs and present quick, reliable and affordable services. You can count on us for extensive 24 hour IT support, trouble shooting services, repairs and remote support solutions. We offer cost-effective, competitive technologies that ensure an uninterrupted flow if IT services to you. Get in touch to learn more about our services
There are a few options available to you.
you prepay your ticket through our website. The payment options will be made available to you under the ticket form. Within this option will be prices for a single ticket (prices will vary depending on your Service plan).
To complete the ticket submit your ticket form and click on the payment button located in the menu and select “checkout”. In the checkout page you will be asked to confirm your billing and payment details. Once checkout is completed and you have paid for the ticket we will be instantly notified and you will be placed in the appropriate queue.
Ticket booking is simple. Just visit on your www.madatit.in (India), www.madatit.net (All Regions) website, hover your mouse over the "Get Started" button and a new menu will appear with form. Within this form you will notice the few field are required for IT support. complete this form and you will be redirected to a payment. Once this form is completed and submitted you will receive and email with your ticket number and payment details.
No, you just book your IT Ticket to use any of our services. However being formed will allow you to submit your issues faster and therefore allow us to diagnose your problems faster. You will be asked various questions including your name, email address, plan, OS type and query to ticket.
Madat IT cover subscriptions are per call/user/system for the day you get support (cost is depend on plan), you would pay for every ticket.

Madat IT- Your Trusted Partner

Hiring Local IT Technician Seems to Fly in the Ointment :

When you need expert IT solutions at remote locations, local technicians are not easily available.

IT challenges can create serious issues on holidays and after working hours, as no local technicians will come to your rescue.

Local IT Engineers are not ready to provide required technical support on period.

No local technicians would visit your office, home, and shop when you are in need of professional IT support.

Local IT technicians may not be able to resolve customer system issues.

The risk of losing your data could be higher with local IT technicians.

There is a high possibility that local IT technicians could copy or transfer your data to his storage disks.

A high risk of robbery and physical attempts is also involved.

Perks of Seeking Madat IT Remote Support :

You have any time support available irrespective of your location with Madat IT.

No holidays are there for professionals and this is why Madat IT works 365 days a year.

Get your calls answered and all your queries resolved within a few minutes at Madat IT.

At Madat IT, professional technicians are always standing on their toes to answer your call.

No barriers of time could bother you, as we support at all times.

Madat IT puts you at ease, as zero risks of data loss and theft are involved.

Enjoy peace of mind, as our experts won’t copy or transfer your data to any other assets.

The risk factor of robbery and the physical attempt will be nil if you seek technical support from Madat IT.

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Knowledge Base !

Madat IT

Madat IT Service is one of the most trusted Information Technology providers company.
Madat IT Service PVT LTD is guided by it's mission to help end use.